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LL Magnetic Clay Bath Clear Out Detox
SKU: K6-CLR-326

LL Magnetic Clay Bath Clear Out Detox

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Benefits of LL's Magnetic Clay Baths

  • Safe and effective. One bath releases years of accumulated toxic environmental pollutants, out of your body and into the bathtub.

  • Laboratory tests have shown that toxic levels of metals and chemicals are greatly reduced through the use of these clay detox baths.

  • Inexpensive and does not require costly equipment. It can save you hundreds of dollars compared to chelation therapy and other types of environmental detoxification programs.

  • Baths can be taken in the privacy of your own home, with minimal inconvenience and effort.

  • 100% raw, untreated, and is provided in its natural state.

LL’s Magnetic Clay Baths are recommended by medical professionals worldwide.

LL's Magnetic Clay bath kits are packaged in bulk and will administer 10 one cup baths per kit. Included in each kit are 5lbs of bulk formula, 8 pages of graphic step-by-step instructions, 15 pH testing strips, fiberglass drain screen, flat drain stopper, and herbal formula pack.

What Makes LL's Magnetic Clay Unique?

LL’s Magnetic Clay Bath formulas are distinctive healing clays that have been combined with synergistically tested herbs and spices to generate a viable detoxification therapy that can assist in removing not only heavy metals, but chemicals and other assorted toxins from the body.

There are over 200 different types of clay, thousands of sources, and they all differ radically in their use and mineral analysis. LL’s Magnetic Clay was selected for its mineral makeup, its consistent results, and most importantly its ability to pull toxins from the body. And, with over a decade of use by medical professionals, LL’s Magnetic Clay Baths are widely regarded as the world’s most effective clay bath.

This Clay Bath Assists in Eliminating:

Mercury, lead, arsenic, and aluminum. This bath's herbal components also assist in addressing issues of parasites, allergies, anxiety, mood, memory, and more. Clear-Out also relieves muscular and joint pain, increases circulation, enhances digestion, calms the nerves, and brings about general health and overall youthfulness to the body.

Sources of Environmental Toxicity

Air pollution, polluted municipal and ground water supplies, various toxins passed up the food chain. The sources for environmental toxins are near limitless in our industrialized world.

Related Symptoms of Environmental Toxicity

The World Health Organization (WHO) has acknowledged environmental pollution as the underlying cause in nearly 80% of all chronic degenerative diseases. Toxic chemicals and metals have the potential to negatively impact every biological function occurring within your body.

Does The Clay Have Other Uses?

Mixed with water, it can help draw out infection, reduce the swelling of insect bites, promote the healing of wounds, tend to burns, and reduce pain. Clay is a multifaceted healing substance with an extensive array of applications. Please visit for more details.

Are LL's Magnetic Clay Baths Beneficial For Everyone?

In this day and age, environmental pollution begins in the womb. Toxic heavy metals such as mercury, lead, and cadmium have polluted every facet of our life, from the food we eat, to the air we breath. This vast increase of chemicals in our environment, food, and medicine has greatly altered the body’s ability to rid itself of toxins. Many prominent scientists believe it is this toxic overload which helps trigger many of today’s chronic health ailments. Based on this information, we feel it is invaluable to cleanse the body of these toxins on a regular basis.

Is The Clay Safe For My Bathtub?

The clay to water ratio is such that it will not damage your pipes and drains when the instructions are followed properly. Each kit contains a fiberglass screen, and a flat rubber disc to ensure drain clogging does not occur. LL’s Magnetic Clay Baths are also safe for use with septic tanks.

Download The full Instructional Guide:

download magnetic clay bath guide Download the Magnetic Clay Bath Instructional Guide


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Very effective product

- 03/15/2016

This product does indeed help clear out toxins, and there are several signs that point to this. Just one example is that when I formally did chelation and other therapies to remove heavy metals etc., I would notice a very specific odour to my urine. Following use of this clay, I would again get the same odour releasing through my urine. On the downside, it is messy to prepare, so
carefully, follow the blender instructions. Also, be sure you get plenty of amino acids, minerals and trace minerals in your diet and are using appropriate binding agents to
accompany use of this clay.

works well

- 04/04/2011

Use it for when I feel run down. Helps when I am exposed to smoke which I am allergic to.

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