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Nascent Iodine, 2% Strength, 4 oz Reviews for the product - Nascent Iodine, 2% Strength, 4 oz (Back to product)
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Good to keep around

- 01/30/2017

In today's antibiotic world, Nascent Iodine is much safer and often more effective. At the start of any bug or tickle in the throat I take 10 or so drops, and it's usually gone within 12 hours or so. There are exceptions, but even then with the flu making it's rounds I've found I may get it for 24 hours at most while others suffer 3-5 days.


- 08/24/2015

First week was amazing...the energy boost was unbelievable. Then the headaches started. Had to cut back.

Ive read this is a bromide detox. Maybe, maybe not - time will tell.

Energy Boost and Lessening of Heart Palpitations

- 05/15/2015

I've been following the Dr. Sircus protocols for a few weeks now in depth and the iodine seems to be a fairly important part to it. I started out slow with 2 drops 3 times a day and pretty much went up by that amount each day i.e. 3x2 drops day 1, 3x4 drops day 2, 3x6 drops day 3 etc... I've been taking up to 20 drops per dose and am finally starting to see some results. I did go through a little over a week of headaches and other detox symptoms but kept going. I drink a lot more water as a result of the iodine and it feels like it's cleaning me out. I also get a real boost of energy every time I take the iodine so don't take it late in the day unless you want to be up into the wee hours of the morning. Of course I'm also using trans-dermal magnesium oil and drinking magnesium bicarbonate water (home-made) so that could be part of my feeling better. I also eat Brazil nuts (about 5 or 6) per day for the selenium as that goes well with iodine for best effect in the body.

My issue is mainly heart palpitations and I'm a young guy who's dropped over 100 pounds in 18 months. Palpitations started about 3 months into the diet and it has been challenging finding the cause (local doctors have been useless...echo cardiograms and stress test have showed my heart to be 100%). From my reading my situation seems to be rooted in the vagus nerve and it seems I have a bit of a hiatus hernia (found by chiropractor). If you read Dr. Sircus and Dr. Brownstein's articles on magnesium and iodine they seem to be on the right track for curing a lot of ailments.

Hope this info may help someone in a similar situation.

nascent iodine

- 12/11/2012

Better price than I am accustomed to. Also, website where I normally purchased nascent iodine from not only charges more for the 4 oz size, but they are currently selling smaller bottles for same price they had been selling the 4 oz bottles for, making this purchase an even better deal.

Nascent Iodine, 2% Strength, 4 oz

- 11/07/2011

Thank you!

very happy with service!

- 04/26/2011

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