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Prescript Assist Soil Based Probiotic Prebiotic Complex, 90 caps Reviews for the product - Prescript Assist Soil Based Probiotic Prebiotic Complex, 90 caps (Back to product)
15 Product Reviews - Average rating 4.9 / 5 (Best Rated | Worst Rated | Most Recent | Oldest)

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Excellent Product and Pricing

- 11/25/2017

Best probiotic I have used and I have used other highly rated brands. Has greatly helped my Autoimmunity and overall health. VoltaHealth also offers the best pricing in Canada. Thank you.

Great quality soil probiotic

- 11/01/2017

I am happy to be able to purchase this brand in Canada!

Good stuff!

- 11/01/2017

Soil based probiotic

- 08/01/2017

Awesome balance for my probiotic rotation
And supply's hard to find strains

Great Probiotic!

- 04/20/2017

I had been using this probiotic a few years ago but kind of did the rounds with other ones such as Dr. Ohhira's, renew and several others. After a few months back on prescript there is no question these are the best. They made a noticeable difference in only a day or two. They have also been very effective with my 97 year old Mother, who is prone to both diarrhoea and constipation without them.


- 02/01/2017

Best supplements on the market, so stable, make it through high acidic environment and no need for refrigeration

Prescript Assist

- 01/16/2017

I am taking the product to restore the digestive biotics that were killed during a course of oral antibiotic treatment. It appears to work, improves digestion, has a number of different strains, but unfortunately antibiotics kills thousands of the native symbiotic strains that are difficult to re-cultivate.


- 12/10/2016

I have been searching for a great SBO probiotic and I am so exciting about this one. I'm halfway through my first bottle and and feeling amazing. I love the wide sprecturm (29 strains) and knowing I'm living as true to nature as possible (getting my probiotics from the organisms in the soil - like we did way back when - that are now lacking on our food due to unhealthy agriculture).
These probiotics have significantly helped my skin clear up which is a perfect sign of a cleaner inside. I'm also feeling much more regular and in blalnce.
There is a peer reviewed placebo study done
on these as well that proves these work and lab studies that prove how much better this bacteria (in prescript-assist) is at recolonizing.
Also happy knowing how stable they are, and that they will actually get to my larger intestine, thatcher than being killed by stomach acid on the way.
Much love for this product - what it stands for and the superb results❤️

Prescript Assist Soil Based Probiotic & Prebiotic

- 11/24/2016

Have been using the Prescript Assist Soil Based Probiotic & Prebiotic for about 6 months. It was recommended by my naturopath. Since using this product I have found that I experience less bloating and am less gassy. It is by far the most effective Probiotic I have used.
I also appreciate the fact that it doesn't have to be refrigerated like most other probiotics. Great to bring on trips.


- 11/02/2016

I very much benefited from my last round of these probiotics! I look forward to receiving my new bottle.


- 03/24/2016

I have not received my product yet but hear great things. Thank you soo much for clearly stating that it is a vegan product without me having to search to be 100% sure for days before finally placing my order. Made things so quick and easy! so happy its a vegan product!!

Customer Service

- 10/30/2015

As I have commented before I have been taking this probiotic for some time now. Overall a great product for intestinal health. But I have to comment about the customer service which is very good in answering questions and letting you know the status of your product. Highly recommend.

Good stuff

- 08/24/2015

Have to only take once a week after an initial loading.

A great probiotic

- 04/18/2015

This probiotic is truly unique in the market. Overall a good product for the intestinal flora.

All the best

Best probiotics ever!

- 01/20/2015

I've been trying different probiotic products for years for my daughter's damaged gut (constipation from autoimmune condition), now she goes like a clock!

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