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QRS® 101 Home Magnetic Therapy System- Quantron Resonance System

QRS 101 - Quantron Resonance System

QRS - Quantron Resonance System

Order your QRS 101 Home Magnetic Therapy System and start your better life today.

QRS 101 Home Magnetic Therapy System

MSRP: $4200.00 USD

QRS Price: $3950.00 USD


0% Financing and Rentals Also Available

QRS is so sure you will love your Home Magnetic Therapy System that the QRS 101 Home Magnetic Therapy System comes with a 6 month return policy and a 5 year warranty (Optional 10 year warranty upgrade available $500 extra). If you have any questions regarding the return policy or warranty, please contact QRS directly.

"QRS is one of the most important discoveries of the physical medicine in the last decades and a benefit for mankind, from infant to geriatric."
Prof. Dr. Linus Pauling (1901-1994 double Nobel prize winner, founder of the orthomolecular medicine, author of i.a. the guidebook: How to feel better and live longer.

The QRS on Dr. OZ

For more videos visit youtube and search QRS

About the QRS

The Quantron Resonance System, QRS, was the first pulsed electro-magnetic field (PEMF) system in the world. It is also the first to scientifically prove evidence of ion transport, which is an essential factor in producing cell energy. Backed by numerous clinical trials and empirical tests, and three worldwide patents the QRS has the most extensive research done on it of any other PEMF therapy system on the market.

The QRS is a result of more than 20 years of fundamental and applied research by leading international scientists in Europe and was first used in the Russian MIR Space Station program. Today, the QRS is designed for home use and is being used in homes and clinics around the world and has been proven safe and effective. Over 80,000 QRS systems have been sold worldwide.

QRS is the result of the research and development of the scientists and researchers of the Prof. Dr. Fischer AG, the "Institute for Quanten Medicine", on behalf of the Quanten Medicine. Quanten Medicine focuses on the origin of human life, the cell. As the smallest unit of the body, the cell is responsible for the "state" of the organism.

"QRS shall be used for keeping healthy the cosmonauts and is prepared for the manned flight to Mars"
Prof. Dr. med. V.M. Baranov, medical director of the space research center in Moscow

Restoring cell functioning

The behavior of the cell correlates strongly with the "electrical energy" of the cell. The so called "cell voltage" is essential for the absorbtion of minerals and vitamins and is also responsible for the removal of toxic agents.

Research in this area has really advanced and the knowledge acquired was used for the development of the unique QRS - Quantron Resonance System. QRS reaches every cell in the body making vitalization possible without any effort. In this way QRS corrects poorly functioning cells and their blocked cell energies.

By applying the full body mat or small pillow for 8 minutes twice a day, low pulsed magnetic frequencies stimulate cell metabolism, increase oxygen assimilation and accelerate the removal of toxic chemicals and waste. The human body consists of about 50 trillion cells that harmoniously work together. If a small energy deficiency arises in a cell or group of cells, imbalances occur within the body. By creating a resonance similar to those of the body’s own cells, the QRS restores cell functioning and penetrates the body, reinforcing weak functional cycles in a natural way. Using extremely low frequency (ELF) programs, which are equivalent to the natural frequencies of the body, for example, the 4 brain states (alpha, beta, theta, and delta), soft tissues, bones, nerves, the heart, and other organs, allows the body to recover its own self-healing capabilities.

While in most cases relaxation is an immediate effect of QRS treatment, it does not claim to be a ‘quick fix’. Sometimes it takes weeks to months of treatment sessions to enable the body to balance itself. Electromagnetic fields are subtle, though proven to be effective and beneficial to the body.

"There are no 326 diseases, there are only ill cells."
Dr. E. G. Fischer, founder of the Quantenmedicine, Prof. Fischer Ag Forschung und Entwicklung, author i.a. of the book: Basis of the Quanten Therapy - How to Live 20 Years Longer

The QRS is safe and natural

The QRS is designed for home use, but is also being used in clinics around the world. The QRS is safe and has no known side effects and can be used to treat children or adults. Pregnant women and people with pacemakers are asked to be cautions when using the QRS.

"Quanten Medicine will be a huge enrichment for the orthodox medicine and will open hopes for new healing abilities and make them come true"
Prof. Dr. med. Robert O. Becker, suggested for the Nobel Prize 2000, internationally known for research in the area of body electric, best seller author of the book: The Body Electric

6 Month Return Policy - 5 Year Warranty (Optional 10 year warranty upgrade available $500 extra)

Included in the QRS® 101 Home System

QRS 101 Home Magnetic Therapy System PEMF

With the QRS 101 Home System-set the user receives a modern QRS control device including two QRS-resonance field beams, also called applicators.

The one applicator is a 1.70 m long high quality mat; the other is a pillow for local body treatment.

The system is expandable with other applicators for targeted QRS application. The whole set comes with a QRS traveling bag.

Package Contents:

  • QRS® 101 control device
  • QRS® whole body applicator
  • QRS® local applicator
  • QRS® carrier bag
  • Power supply cable
  • QRS® user manual (Multi-languages)

QRS Technical Data & Features


Timer setting 2 Timer (individually adjustable)
Display backlight Yes - on/off
Standard-Programs Relax, Basis or Vital in 3 different intensities (Sensitive - Medium - Intensive)
Individual 25 settings other programs
Application duration Standard: 8, 16 or 24 Minutes
Individual From 1 to 60 Min.

Technical Data

Output signal Max. 3V, 170 mA, 40 micro Tesla
MDD device klass IIa
Main voltage frequency 115/230V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 7 W
Operation temperature +10°C up to +40°C

Dimensions & Weight

QRS® 101 control device 92 mm x 190 mm x 215 mm
QRS® whole body applicators 1780 mm x 650 mm x 15 mm
QRS® local applicator 540 mm x 335 mm x 15 mm
QRS® carrier bag 690 mm x 300 mm x 220 mm
Entire weight 3.5 Kg

QRS Optional Accessories

QRS Downloads

QRS Research

As the most researched PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field) home therapy device on the market, the QRS proudly stands apart from the rest. Below are some scientific studies conducted not on PEMF's alone, but specifically on the QRS. Note that in some studies the QRS is referred to as “Salut”, which used to be the product name for the QRS home unit and this name has changed to “QRS-101 Home System”.

Disclaimer: The opinions stated are the views of Volta Health Producs Inc. These statements have not been evaluated by any government agency. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using any of these products. This information is not intended as medical advice and may not be used as medical advice. It should not be used to replace the advice of your own doctor. Please consult a health practitioner for any medical or health condition.

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